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Zeta Male Network

On January 15, 2002, five spirited, resourceful, and energetic Sorors took on a journey to charter Sigma Xi Zeta Chapter, Morrisville, NC.  Along came four vivacious young men accompanying the process,  bringing their wealth of support, their financial treasures, and eternal love for Zeta. They were Hubert Dunnegan, Bobby Garret (Deceased ), Augustus “Gus” Murchison and David S Shepard, Sr. These men embraced the ideals of Zeta and the principles.

In 2012, our first group of 12 men were introduced and organized the Zeta Male Network of Morrisville and the Research Triangle, NC. Among the initial members were Dunnegan, Murchison, and Shepard and men throughout the region from various backgrounds including Town Manager, Police Officers; Business Men, Pastors, Landscaper, Retirees, Coaches, Bankers, Transporters, Military Officers, Brothers, Cousins, Fathers, Uncles, Friends, Son-In- Laws, Fellow Greeks,  Musicians, Chefs, Educators, DJs and Entrepreneurs.  

Thirty - four men make up the Zeta Male Auxiliary including one honorary and two deceased members, Rev. Nathaniel Montague and Mr. Billy Allen. Our Zeta Males continue to be engaged in their various activities; Book and Toy Drive donated to local Day Care Centers, Christmas Cheer to the elderly, March of Dimes, Autism , St. Jude, safety Session at a local firearm center, annual cookouts and chaperones for Zeta events and activities. Our men are always willing to assist the Zetas.

Sigma Xi Zeta ZMN served as a model to the Eastern Region and in 2014 was recognized and presented Certificates by Eastern Region Director T. Diane Surgeon, Esq. during the Eastern Region Conference.

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