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Zetas Helping Other People Excel also known as Z-HOPE™ is the National Service Program of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated and was approved and trademarked during the 2008 National Boule.


Z-HOPE™ is a combination of interactive, holistic, and multidimensional outreach programs designed to enhance, cultivate, and empower participants to develop health-promoting lifestyle choices across their lifespan. Specific to the population groups; Women, Youth, Seniors, Men, and International Women of Color.


Z-HOPE™ programs are implemented across the United States and in selected international countries.


Chapters and auxiliaries are encouraged to collaborate with existing community organizations and resources to provide optimal quality programs that provide maximum impact. There are over 400 programs available for implementation for every community. Members can visit the members-only section to view the various Z-HOPE™ toolkits for implementation assistance and reporting guidelines.

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